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Don't Let Rhea County, TN Ban Gays/Lesbians

March 19, 2004

Rhea County, TN has recently retracted a statement saying they wanted to ban gays/lesbians from their county, but the intention for such an action in the future is still there.

They are also currently trying to ban gay sex acts in their county in direct violation of the recent Lawrence v. Texas Supreme Court ruling.

We can't let one county push back the rights we have worked so hard for. We can't let one county dictate discriminatory, homophobic laws that could adversely affect the rights of all gay and lesbian Americans.

Speak out and fight back! Visit the new website for Students for a Just Tennessee and sign our petition to Rhea County. This is not just an issue for Tennesseans; it is an issue for gays/lesbians/bisexuals and allies everywhere. Together, we can turn the tables on injustice before it arrives.

-Students for a Just Tennessee

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