thorn in my side (gunsareblazing) wrote in chesuenorebelde,
thorn in my side

I'm movin to China

Work for less but live for more.

I'm sick of everything,
sick of rent, electric bills, water bills, 401ks, layoffs, all this shit makes a man nothing. A man can't be a man anymore, It sucks the passion out of everything.

Theres no more honorable ways to die, you got all these fucken diseases, health hazards and weak shit. I want to be shot fighting for something good, I want to be shot by a bad guy, who everyone will hate. I want to be a hero. But theres always some fucked up corporation or some other lame ass reason for wars these days.

So here we are, raised by MTV, no principles, minus the few we pick up just to be cool, no conviction, unless its a celebritys' conviction as well, hell I'd be a vegan if I knew it was the right thing, but most vegans I know are only vegans because its "hip", fuck a cow man, I'd cap a million pandas to feed one kid. But I'll never be the hero, I'll never be shot dead by the bad guy, because I need to pay bills, so I can avoid having bad credit.

thats all

- Jason
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