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el heroe, el hombre, en unico che guevara

the first word i said was che. ever since i was young, my family only mentioned che once, and it was his story that they told me. born a dominican, everybody in the domincan republic that i've asked have all regarded che as a hero. ever since then, che was my idol. since i've been low on funds, all i have is the jon lee anderson book and a couple of t-shirts, but its not what shows that counts. i've done essays on che and his philosophy for my english and spanish classes, and so far i have spread the word in my school. but what sucks is the people who wear or exploit che and his face without knowing his past. but i still don't hate them. when you see a person like this, correct them. take time out of your life to lecture them on che. because once they find out the truth, the would think of the world differently.
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