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Greetings one and all. Im currently writing a piece of theatre on Che and the things Ive learnt are fantastic and Im so glad i did it now. Ive always admired the man but only now do I feel like i can justify how I think of him.
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NAME: Martin
AGE: 20
SEX: Male
BORN: Oct, 15th 1983 ( Montevideo, Uruguay)
LOCATION: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

been here for a while, sucks the community is dead.

ps: highly enjoyed the movie.

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hello, i have just recently joined this community, and i am hoping to add my insight, and recieve some as well. I noticed that the last post was nearly a month ago, so i am hoping to chnage this trend by adding new and exciting ideas.


NAME: Lino
AGE: 19
SEX: Male
BORN: March 29th, 1985 ( Firmat/Rosario, Argentina)
LOCATION: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I hope i get some responses too. I DO know what Ernesto stood for, and i hope all of you do also.

Talk to You soon!
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Saludos Comrades!

Well, I've joined a while ago, but never had the means to drop by and just say hi because to me is a waste of post. But hi anyways.

I was recently told that Zack De La Rocha, formerly of RATM, died.

My friend told me that while Zack was down in Mexico helping the Zapatistas, like he normally does, he just dissapeared. No one has seen him since.

Is this just a rumor? I'd be thankful if someone can slear this up with any information s/he might have.


Hasta la Victoria siempre!
~Señora Che
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Is it worth it?
Is all this anger worth it?
I mean what is the fight towards, man is inherently evil. Someones always goin to fuck it up.

Is this just a phase in our individual lives? Will we just grow old, look back and smile, remembering our "rebellious youth"?

If we do get change, if everything comes together, will we still fight.

just a question.


ernesto "che" guevara = the man

el heroe, el hombre, en unico che guevara

the first word i said was che. ever since i was young, my family only mentioned che once, and it was his story that they told me. born a dominican, everybody in the domincan republic that i've asked have all regarded che as a hero. ever since then, che was my idol. since i've been low on funds, all i have is the jon lee anderson book and a couple of t-shirts, but its not what shows that counts. i've done essays on che and his philosophy for my english and spanish classes, and so far i have spread the word in my school. but what sucks is the people who wear or exploit che and his face without knowing his past. but i still don't hate them. when you see a person like this, correct them. take time out of your life to lecture them on che. because once they find out the truth, the would think of the world differently.
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I'm movin to China

Work for less but live for more.

I'm sick of everything,
sick of rent, electric bills, water bills, 401ks, layoffs, all this shit makes a man nothing. A man can't be a man anymore, It sucks the passion out of everything.

Theres no more honorable ways to die, you got all these fucken diseases, health hazards and weak shit. I want to be shot fighting for something good, I want to be shot by a bad guy, who everyone will hate. I want to be a hero. But theres always some fucked up corporation or some other lame ass reason for wars these days.

So here we are, raised by MTV, no principles, minus the few we pick up just to be cool, no conviction, unless its a celebritys' conviction as well, hell I'd be a vegan if I knew it was the right thing, but most vegans I know are only vegans because its "hip", fuck a cow man, I'd cap a million pandas to feed one kid. But I'll never be the hero, I'll never be shot dead by the bad guy, because I need to pay bills, so I can avoid having bad credit.

thats all

- Jason